Ellipse IPL

Ellipse IPL Permanent Hair Removal
Face Teens Ladies Men
Ears R220 R250 R270
Unibrow R220 R250 R270
Lip R220 R250 R270
Chin R270 R300 R400
Side Burns R250 R300 R350
Cheeks R300 R350 R400
Neck R300 R350 R400
Neck Extended R400 R500 R600
Full Face – excluding neck R900 R1100 R1400
Full Face – including neck R1200 R1400 R1800


Body Teens Ladies Men
Shoulders R800
Chest / Stomach R1200
½ Back / Full Back R1500 / R3000
Areola R220 R250 R350
Tummy Line R250 R300 R350
Underarms R450 R550 R650
½ Arm R700 R800 R1100
Full Arm R1300 R1500 R1900
Hands / Feet R450 R550 R650
Bikini R600 R700
G-string R750 R850
Brazillian R850 R950
Hollywood R950 R1100
Half Leg – excluding knee R1100 R1300 R1500
Half Leg – including knee R1300 R1500 R1700
¾ Leg R1600 R1800 R2000
Top Leg – above knee R1400 R1600 R2000
Full Leg R2200 R2400 R2800

Combine 2 or more areas and get 10% discount!
Pay for 5 sessions and get 1 free!

Ellipse IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Broken Capillaries and Sun Spots
Face including neck and chest R 2750
Face including neck and décolleté R2200
Face and neck R1400
Face only R1100
Lower arms R1400
Full arms R2000
Décolleté R950
Chest R1300
Hands R500
Sunspots/capillaries 1-5 shots R270
Sunspots/capillaries 6-10 shots R550

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