MediHeel has a unique range of foot products that create an experiential treatment which include a pedicure ritual, encouraging consumers to move away from the traditional filing and blading treatment.

If you are looking for a permanent solution to your dry or cracked heels and you still require the luxury of a Medical Pedicure, the Elim Spa Laboratories have the solution for you.


Why MediHeel for cracked heels?

MediHeel looked at the traditional way of treating cracked heels while doing pedicures and turned the system on it’s head. They changed the sequence of the traditional pedi and added the procedures and products we knew would guarantee better results. A pedicure is always judged by two elements.

1. The condition of the heels 2 days after your pedi and

2. The quality of your varnish.

Although they do not manufacture any nail varnish they make sure in their procedure that the preparation of the nail bed is up to standard and this will ensure your varnish to last longer.


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