Thalgo develops French Marine based Spa specialised products, and provides a comprehensive product range to suit the needs of a health spa. Thalgo maintains the philosophy of treating the body holistically, providing internal and external treatment products. This is part of Thalgo’s competitive advantage.

The Ingredients:

The riches of the marine universe: oligo-elements, proteins, amino acids and vitamins are captured within Thalgo’s philosophy. Vital for health and well-being, we can benefit from the goodness of marine-based treatments and products. Experts in marine beauty for over 40 years, Thalgo has drawn on the riches of the ocean to find the essential elements for authentic and effective cosmetology. Thalgo makes the most of the extraordinary potential of the sea to develop its professional treatments, beauty products and dietary supplements for the beauty and well-being of its clients.

The sea supports life on earth and constitutes an immense reservoir of substances that are only just beginning to be exploited scientifically. It contains over 500,000 aquatic species and 25,000 algae, of which less than 30 species are used today. Today, throughout the world, the finest destination spas and beauty salons offer Thalgo treatments and spa therapies.

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